The National Guides Establishment

Praise be to God who, by His grace, righteous deeds are accomplished .. And blessings and peace be upon the most honorable messengers .. our master Muhammad bin Abdullah and all his family and companions.
Since the issuance of the decision of its establishment in Ministerial Resolution No. 324 / S / M, dated 5/8/1405 AH, the National Guides Establishment has been working on developing its services through its administrative, financial and field work within the rules, instructions and regulations governing the movement of its business.
Among the duties and responsibilities are to prepare an operational plan through which the various sectors of the institution would go into covering all aspects of the activity and work provided to the pilgrims, and the operational plan has evolved from one Hajj season to another, in line with the regulations, instructions and variables issued, related to the means of providing services to be provided to the honorable pilgrims. The general operational plan of the corporation is based in its procedures and principles on foundations and rules that its main elements are derived from sub-plans for all sectors of the corporation, and the corporation takes into account the needs and requirements necessary to implement the general operational plan of human and financial cadres and technical needs that are constantly considered.
It is known that the services provided to the honorable pilgrims are no longer as they were in the past, but the institution has gone beyond traditional methods to keep pace with the era in which we live from a tremendous development in the means of technology, abundance of information and the rapid movement of service recipients from the guests of Rahman who are the focus of attention in the Hajj system, and the institution runs In this direction, with a confident vision, steady steps, and anticipation of the future with its developments and requirements, which calls for it constantly to restructure and break up some field services offices, change the patterns of work in them, and confirm that the institution will spare no effort to develop methods of providing services to the honorable pilgrims, who are the preoccupation of the wise leadership for this The homeland, may God preserve it, and the Foundation is making every effort to achieve its aspirations that it seeks, through the integration of visions and goals to achieve quality and excellence in the work of the institution, and to create a distinct work environment linking the institution with the supervisory authorities, raising the level of return for shareholders, and strengthening social ties between members of the community.
The Foundation extends its heartfelt thanks to His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Madinah Region and Chairman of the Hajj Committee in Medina, and to His Excellency the Minister of Hajj Dr. Bandar bin Muhammad Hajjar for the support, support and personal follow-up the Foundation has received from His Excellency for the movement of services provided to pilgrims in Medina Al Munawarah and to their Excellencies the Ministry’s agents and assistant agents who provide assistance and assistance and overcome all the difficulties that the institution faces when performing its role and duties. Thanks are extended to His Excellency the Director General of the Ministry of Hajj branch in Medina. Thanks and gratitude for his keenness to coordinate with the Foundation in the stages of providing services around the clock, and I find it a good opportunity to offer Many thanks to His Excellencies the Chairman and members of the Committee for the Preparation of the General Operational Plan, members of the Board of Directors and their contribution to the production of the operational plan for the Hajj season 1436 AH, and I pray to God Almighty to bless us all with bounty and from him and for the Hajj season 1436 AH to be crowned with success, success and repayment, and God is the successor and appointed

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The National Guides Establishment

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