The Dairy and Food Polytechnic

The dairy and food industry is one of the largest industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This industry includes many companies that use the latest global advanced technologies to produce dairy products and other food products in the Kingdom, which highlighted the urgent need for technically qualified cadres capable of effectively contributing to this industry, which depends on a large labor intensity and thus contribute to raising the rates of job opportunities. And the growth of employment for Saudi technical cadres within the framework of the concept of social responsibility in a tangible, tangible and measurable manner, and on the basis of which society becomes a culture in this concept and the role required of it to support community development by directing training, projects, programs and activities that help the advancement of society and providing rehabilitation and training opportunities for its members and this is the ideal model It should prevail in the relationship between private sector companies and society and work professionally and seriously to consolidate the concept of social responsibility. Hence the importance of the Technical Institute for Dairy and Food, as this industry relies on skilled labor for its technical requirements, and thus it provides a major source of job opportunities for qualified and well-trained Saudi citizens in accordance with the technical requirements.

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The Dairy and Food Polytechnic

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