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The Tech World Blog is the result of a collaboration between Saud Abdul Rahman Al Hawawi and Abdul Malik Abdullah Al Thari, where the idea of ​​creating a blog that is interested in the fields of technology of all kinds was proposed with the opportunity for those who have the ability to write technical to join the blog’s team, or to invite technical bloggers Known to write on the blog as guest writers, and the technology world blog was created after Saud Al-Hawawi and Abdul-Malik Al-Thari found it difficult to manage each of them his personal blog, as Saud Al-Hawawi had saudtech blog and althari blog of Abdul Malik Al-Thari, and through the difficulty of managing the personal blog, they found that The idea of ​​a blog that brings together more than one writer will help the blog to continue and not be stopped due to the writer’s circumstances. The blog was launched on 3/18/2008, and the launch of the blog received moral support from Mr. Khaled Al Judi`, the owner of my skill site, who proposed and is still offering advice. Thanks to Saud Al-Hawawi and Abdul Malik Al-Thari in many issues related to the blog.

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Tech – WD

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