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A businessman at the age of seventeen
Fred DeLuca was an ambitious young man who was pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor and was looking for a way to earn enough money to pay his university tuition fees. He found a solution when talking to a family friend who suggested that he open a store that sells Marine Cast sandwiches.
Pete’s Subway
He was offered by his friend Dr. Peter Bock, to be his partner in the restaurant through a $ 1,000 loan he provided to him, to witness the emergence of a business relationship that will change the parameters of the food sector.
In the year 1965 the first store opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the United States. Then Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck set a goal of opening 32 restaurants within 10 years. Unique quickly learned the basics of business management, such as the importance of good service, securing high quality products, providing the best customer service, with low raw material costs and finding good locations. These early foundations continue to serve as the basis for successful Subway restaurants around the world.

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Subway Saudi

Al Sadhan Retail Stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a family business for 66 years, Al Sadhan Markets Group, the first retail market in Riyadh since 1952, al-sadhan.

Our chefs are keen to offer all menu items ideally, each of our recipes has been properly developed which makes it more suited to eating requirements.

An online store specialized in selling and delivering the finest types of mango fruits from farms in the Jazan region in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, managed by an ambitious Saudi team that seeks to deliver this distinctive product to the world and encourage farmers to increase their production according to the level of quality and high standards by marketing their products through this unique initiative. In her specialty and style. Mango Jazan is the first Arab project to be made from an officially registered tweet.