Subway Saudi

A businessman at the age of seventeen
Fred DeLuca was an ambitious young man who was pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor and was looking for a way to earn enough money to pay his university tuition fees. He found a solution when talking to a family friend who suggested that he open a store that sells Marine Cast sandwiches.
Pete’s Subway
He was offered by his friend Dr. Peter Bock, to be his partner in the restaurant through a $ 1,000 loan he provided to him, to witness the emergence of a business relationship that will change the parameters of the food sector.
In the year 1965 the first store opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the United States. Then Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck set a goal of opening 32 restaurants within 10 years. Unique quickly learned the basics of business management, such as the importance of good service, securing high quality products, providing the best customer service, with low raw material costs and finding good locations. These early foundations continue to serve as the basis for successful Subway restaurants around the world.

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favicon Riyadh Roads Contracting Company

Within a short period of time, “Riyadh Roads Company” became at the forefront of developing the infrastructure for government and private plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Riyadh Roads Company was established in 2007 AD and specialized in the field of implementing all works in the world of general contracting. Like other companies that started with a specific vision and limited activity, it was the beginning of practicing the available activities on a scale commensurate with the financial capabilities and existing human cadres.

favicon Saadeddin Pastry

From the heart of the Kingdom, it was launched in 1976 to form the cornerstone of the Arab sweets industry, based on its origins in the entire region. After that, the group of sweets expanded to include a large number of items and sweets from all over the world, the advantage of which is the quality and the title of the most wonderful taste.

favicon Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud was established in 1982, and the company operates a chain of 900 stores around the world selling more than 400 unique and luxurious perfumes. Arabian Oud has more than 3,700 customer service employees across more than 35 countries around the world, from London to Paris and throughout the Middle East.