Shawarma Plus

The company was founded in 2014 as a Saudi Company Limited liability.


Profit is the stated goal of all institutions and companies working in the field of trade of various kinds, but at the Shawarma Plus keep in mind a higher purpose of creating a Saudi role model in terms of accuracy and quality in service and product and so on scientific grounds and global academy to prove to everyone that the Saudi national product is capable Ali competition and access to the utmost quality.


In a short period of time was the opening of three branches and the signing of eight new branches decades and targeted access to fifteen branches in Riyadh for the year 2016 to be the start to a base across the UK for the year 2017 and then spread in the Gulf States and the Middle East, where Gary trademark registration for Shawarma Plus thirteen and a Gulf Arab state the company also seeks to penetrate the European market by the year 2020 to be the first Saudi brands in the restaurant industry, which is seeking to compete globally and presence east of the product.

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Shawarma Plus

Radwa Saudi Food Company Ltd. Radwa chicken ... good and blessing

Al Sadhan Retail Stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a family business for 66 years, Al Sadhan Markets Group, the first retail market in Riyadh since 1952, al-sadhan.

We at Al-Qusour Sweets are looking forward to be the best and first choice to share your joys and provide the best products for private and public occasions in terms of shape, taste, price and quality. Our goal is to spread to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve our valued customers.