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The deep vision, and the strategic vision for the tourism growth in our great homeland, has effectively contributed to the adoption of frameworks and systems for development and change. From this standpoint, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage was clear from the beginning to establish a tourism perspective for this important, vital, and main sector in terms of its organization, and its foundation on correct structures and visions, a methodology for the entire tourism sector and its branches.

The beginning that formed the first foundational launch was the qualitative support from His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, as it was submitted to the Royal Court regarding the draft organization of the Saudi Society for Travel and Tourism, and the positive impact of this step in building a tourism system Integrated, pave the way and prepare various energies and forces to organize this sector, and open horizons for growth, expansion and development, which in turn will be reflected in the local economy.

Then came Cabinet Resolution No. (312), dated 27/7/1435 AH, approving the organization of the Saudi Travel and Tourism Association, and mandating the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage to form the first board of directors, provided that its members are practitioners of the activity, who are authorized by the Commission, and from Other professionals and those interested in the activity.

The actual existence of the association derives its strength from the strategic and future directions of the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, and this is a real challenge for the association, and those in charge of it alike, to keep pace with the increasing and rapid growth as well in the work of the Commission, its plans, visions, and its comprehensive diversity that reflects day after A day on the authority’s officials ’interest in continuous development and achieving high rates of growth.

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Saudi Travel and Tourism Association
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