Saqqaf Trading Company

Saqqaf Trading Company, one of the leading health and plumbing Tools instruments companies since its founding in 1970. Jeddah. The company occupies a prime location and strong in the Saudi market got from the long years of experience, and good competition, and maintain a good share of the domestic market and the international strategy.

The company is proud to provide a large customer base exceeds 4,000 customers it serves through 15 of our branches dotted around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Saqqaf Trading Company

A pioneering company in the tourism and leisure industry that recognizes the important value of amusement and recreation for society.

The National Guides Establishment works during Hajj seasons in the field of serving the guests of Rahman, and providing all services to them during their stay in Medina

Various insurance solutions for individuals and institutions are provided to you with full merit from the eligibility for cooperative insurance, subject to the supervision and control of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency