Sanabel Al Salam

Sanabel Al Salam was established in 1995 by Dr. Saleh Bin Nasser Al Farhan, with the establishment of the first branch in Al Salam district in Riyadh. Since then, Sanabel Al Salam has expanded through several branches across the city of Riyadh, becoming a leading chain of manufacturing and serving sweets and pastries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sanabel Al Salam today plays a real role in the food and beverage sector, by offering a long and rich menu that suits the tastes of our rich and sophisticated customers. Today, our client base extends to many hotels, restaurants and companies. In addition to many government and private sector institutions.

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Sanabel Al Salam

Today, Al-Qassim Corner Sweets Company is considered one of the largest national companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of Arab and Western sweets, pastries and chocolate industry, with technical cadres with high efficiency, experience and professionalism.

From the heart of the Kingdom, it was launched in 1976 to form the cornerstone of the Arab sweets industry, based on its origins in the entire region. After that, the group of sweets expanded to include a large number of items and sweets from all over the world, the advantage of which is the quality and the title of the most wonderful taste.

Al Sadhan Retail Stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a family business for 66 years, Al Sadhan Markets Group, the first retail market in Riyadh since 1952, al-sadhan.