Saadeddin Pastry

Saadeddin Pastry is one of the largest confectionery companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a national company specialized in the production and marketing of Arabic and Western sweets and different types of chocolate.

Saadeddin Pastry started in 1976, and now has more than 107 branches in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, and more than three thousands (3000) employees and special ladies sections comprises more than 430 Saudi professional lady.

Today we have our best Arabic sweets and delicacy types of cakes, chocolate, nuts, coffee, pastries and ice cream, as well as Arabic and Italian types of food and beverages and more

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Saadeddin Pastry

To provide quality and nutritious food & beverages that enrich our consumers' lives every day

We at Al-Qusour Sweets are looking forward to be the best and first choice to share your joys and provide the best products for private and public occasions in terms of shape, taste, price and quality. Our goal is to spread to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve our valued customers.

Sanabel Al Salam,a place of sweet delight and craving bites take place in the sweet kingdom...Fresh wheat grains have created the best delights of desire bringing people together! Sanbel Hayatak!