Radwa Chicken

Radwa is proud to be the leading provider of premium chicken products in Saudi Arabia. Since 1979, Radwa’s success and reputation have been earned by providing premium quality chicken to match and surpass the world’s highest standards. We have remained at the forefront of chicken nurturing, production and distribution utilizing the latest technologies to deliver a premium product for our valued consumers.

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Radwa Chicken

Al Hussam Catering is a key division of Al Hussam Group which is a Saudi company operating in Hospitality and services Management.

From the heart of the Kingdom, it was launched in 1976 to form the cornerstone of the Arab sweets industry, based on its origins in the entire region. After that, the group of sweets expanded to include a large number of items and sweets from all over the world, the advantage of which is the quality and the title of the most wonderful taste.

Is an extension of years of experience in the restaurant industry to team work, It has succeeded in a short period of time In building a reputation for excellence in terms of service quality and taste And its ability to gain the trust of customers as a brand Saudi globally competitive quality.