Musaned “is an electronic platform and a new and integrated system that facilitates recruitment procedures in an unprecedented way, launched under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, with the aim of facilitating procedures for the recruitment of domestic workers and increasing the level of preserving the rights of all parties, as Musaned contributes to raising the awareness of employers and domestic workers by clarifying their rights and duties.” Meaning that everyone who has a role in the recruitment process has clear responsibilities, rights, and duties towards others.

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The company was founded in 1386 AH by Omar Bin Sulaiman Al-Abd Al-Latif and is considered one of the first companies in the Kingdom in the field of furnishings. They have worked to diversify their services to include home furniture of all kinds, carpets, rugs, curtains, lighting, antiques, paintings and office furniture.

Al-Falih Sports House Company, the leading name in the world of sports equipment and its requirements in the Kingdom since 1957