Misk Foundation

The Misk Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Charitable Foundation to encourage learning and leadership development among youth for a better future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To achieve this, “Misk Charity” focuses on youth across the country and provides various means to nurture and empower talents and creative energies and create a healthy environment for their growth and push for them to see the light. Misk Foundation supports the empowerment of Saudi youth in four basic pillars of knowledge, namely culture, media, education and technology. The Misk Foundation seeks to achieve these goals through designing programs and building partnerships with local and international organizations in various fields. Misk Charity believes that its institutional presence will support the strengthening of efforts towards a knowledge-based society in pursuit of achievement and added value to the Saudi society. Our guiding principles are commitment, impact creation, and integrity.

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Misk Foundation

The Saudi Real Estate Institute is an educational entity specialized in providing real estate sciences. It aims to qualify workers in the real estate market and give them professional certificates that enable them to enter the labor market with high efficiency. The Saudi Real Estate Institute is one of the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Housing in the National Transformation Plan 2020 that aims to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, in cooperation with many partners and houses of local and international expertise in the real estate field.

The best partner in the field of hospitality, including investment, development and hotel and real estate operation in the Kingdom.

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