McDonalds Arabia

All McDonald’s restaurants in the KSA Central, Eastern and Northern regions are 100% locally owned and operated. All business decisions are locally made, and revenues are reinvested in the local economy. Riyadh International Catering Company is proud to serve the Central, Eastern and Northern regions of KSA some of its favorite food since 1993. Along the way, we’ve managed to grow with a region we have become part of. We strive to serve safe, high quality products to every customer, everytime they visit our restaurants in the KSA Central, Eastern and Northern regions.

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McDonalds Arabia

JAN BURGER was originally founded in 1985. The founders aimed to provide a fresh fast food in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was new concept at that time. Driven by their passion of fresh grilled burgers

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To provide quality and nutritious food & beverages that enrich our consumers' lives every day