An initiative by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with the (Thiqa) Business Services Company to develop and operate it. A well-known new and useful service for all dealers in e-commerce, whether sellers or buyers. As everyone knows that e-commerce is a new way through which everyone can buy or sell through electronic platforms and modern means of communication.

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favicon Mumzworld

Mumzworld was founded in 2011 by a team of caring but busy, seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs and parents who felt something was missing from the market. We weren’t satisfied with the product range or information we found at crowded malls and scattered online stores.

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Add to you the concerns of all e-commerce, from creating the store, providing support services for it, and increasing your success and development without any commission 👌🏼

favicon Khamsat

Khumsat is the first Arab market for the sale and purchase of microservices, it brings together five between Arab youth who are ready to provide services, and between the category of buyers willing to purchase these services, thus providing suitable income for Arab youth and distinctive services at an economical price for individuals and emerging companies.