Mango Jazan

The people of Jazan, welcome to thousands in Mango Jizan, we believe here that the happiness of our customers is the source of our inspiration and the reason for our launch, making the effort to make this unique experience, in Jizan from the source of our originality, mangoes are given and sent by everyone who wants to convey this delicious experience to his friends and relatives in various regions of the Kingdom, and we as an expression And appreciation of gratitude to the queen of fruits. We meet this need in the fastest way and the most delicious shopping experience. We select the most delicious varieties of mangoes and take care of choosing the finest ones. We offer our product in luxurious packaging and deliver it fresh.

Our mission is that we have taken continuous development and improvement in our service, application, user experience, relationship with our distinguished customers, mango picking and packaging, from ordering to delivery to the nearest point because we believe that the happiness of our customers is the engine of our development.

Our vision and ambition to be the defining and pioneering brand in development and investment in the agricultural sector in our beloved country, starting from Jizan, to serve all regions of the Kingdom.

Our goal is to delight the customer with a luxurious and fresh product selected carefully and quickly reach a delicious mango experience with Mango Jazan, and our future goals are to put our mark as societal and cultural initiators and influencers as we were, still are and as we aspire to be.

Mango Jizan is one of the Jazan Energy and Development companies, officially registered with the commercial registry number 5900022171, tax number 302257746700003, address PO Box 525, postal code 45142 Jazan

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Mango Jazan

We at Al-Qusour Sweets are looking forward to be the best and first choice to share your joys and provide the best products for private and public occasions in terms of shape, taste, price and quality. Our goal is to spread to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve our valued customers.

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JAN BURGER was originally founded in 1985. The founders aimed to provide a fresh fast food in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was new concept at that time. Driven by their passion of fresh grilled burgers