Khumsat is the first Arab market for the sale and purchase of microservices, it brings together five between Arab youth who are ready to provide services, and between the category of buyers willing to purchase these services, thus providing suitable income for Arab youth and distinctive services at an economical price for individuals and emerging companies.

Khamsat was launched in August 2010 by the blogger Raouf Shabayek. The site won the first place in the Technology World competition for the best Arab web projects for 2011. Hassoub announced its purchase of Khamsat on 7/1/2012.

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eXtra was established in Saudi Arabia in 2003 by United Electronics Company (UEC) Commercial Registration number (2051029841), to provide customers with complete shopping experience for consumer electronics and home appliances. eXtra offers all the leading international brands and stocks an extensive product range including TV, audio systems, computers, mobile phones and IT communications, cameras, home appliances and personal care products.

التجارة الإلكترونية

Basket, the easiest e-commerce platform, enables merchants to link their various commercial accounts, and use them to sell directly to customers in the fastest and easiest way.