Jockey Club of Riyadh

At the time of His Majesty King Abdul Aziz in Abdul Rahman Al Saud, horse races were conducted in the north east area of Riyadh city. Horses used to start racing from the place now located at the end of Salah Alden Al Ayoubi Road with a finish line in front of a high hill where his late Majesty used to sit and watch the races.

It is the place where the Sports Club is presently located in Malaz quarter attached to the Jocky Club of Saudi Arabia. Competition in these races was made between His Majesty’s sons by pure Arab horses owned by His Majesty and some of his sons who had become interested in acquiring their own horses and they participated in the races.

At the time of the late King Saud Bin Abdul Aziz (may God rest his soul), a bench was set up on the hill and this became a meeting place for the competitor owners to watch the races. When it was decided to move the Ministers to Riyadh, the northern part of this location was chosen to provide living quarters of a high standard and this was called Malaz and named after the forward movement of a horse.

Thereafter, a piece of land was reserved for a racetrack and stables and these were located to the east of this site.

In about the year of 1383 His Royal Highness Prince Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz, feeling that there was a deterioration of the sport of horseracing due to the lack of proper organization and an indifferent attitude, called a gathering the concerned people in order to correct the situation. In 1965 this initiative was completed resulting in the official establishment of the Jockey Club of Riyadh.

H.R.H. Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz was then behind the constitution of this gathering. A resolution was issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs following establishment of the Club and this was followed by a Royal Decree from His Majesty, the late King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz (may God rest his Soul) entrusting presidency of the Jockey club to H.R.H. Prince Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz.

This racetrack was then completely fenced and the first official horse race was conducted on this site.

The horse races continued on this racetrack and went on to develop further and to cooperate with international races under the prudent Presidency of H.R.H. Prince Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz.

After a period of time, this racecourse could not accommodate the extended activities and extra support facilities and, in addition, it was located in an area that had become a busy residential quarter, which caused some difficulty in moving the horses from the stables to the racetrack.

A proposal was, therefore, developed for having a large new international racecourse and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz, gave instructions to prepare preliminary studies for constructing a large new racecourse that would be able to better fulfill the expanding objectives for horseracing in Saudi Arabia.

Hence it was decided that the new site for such a project should be at Al Janadriya Township. The new complex was given a memorial name after the late King Abdul Aziz, the founder of the Kingdom (i.e. King Abdul Aziz Racecourse) and it is considered to be of huge benefit to the development of equestrian sport in Saudi Arabia. The Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia now covers an area of 9 square km.

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Jockey Club of Riyadh

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In 1374 AH, the youth of his campus founded the Al-Faisaly Club in the name of (His Campus Youth Club), and at their head was Sheikh Ibrahim bin Nasser Al-Medlej and a group of young people who were distinguished by activity and perseverance, as the festivals and celebrations in which everyone participated, and the head of the Harmah Youth Club was Sheikh Ibrahim bin Nasser Al-Medlij as the first President of the club.