favicon Cura

Cura is a service that enables you to consult well-known and distinguished doctors through instant messages, direct video calls, without appointments, and in any specialty.

favicon Mohammed Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences

Muhammad Al-Manea College for Medical Sciences

favicon Buraydah Private Colleges

Buraidah National Colleges, established in the Qassim region of Buraidah city on King Abdulaziz Road east of Qassim University, includes five colleges currently (Pharmacy and Dentistry / Engineering / Computer / Applied Medical Sciences / Administrative and Human Sciences).

favicon Al Farabi Colleges

Al-Farabi Colleges was established in 2009 and it has two branches in Riyadh and Jeddah - for human medicine, dentistry and nursing.

favicon Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences

Fakih College for Medical Sciences was established in 1424 AH corresponding to 2003, to provide the Kingdom with qualified Saudi cadres in the field of nursing and medical sciences, and to assist in applying the concept of Saudization to develop effective professional health personnel The college has expanded in recent years, and the number of college graduates until 1438/1439 AH (2016/2017 AD) reached (1029) graduates.

favicon Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies

Ibn Sina College is the first private medical college for medical education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. It was established in 1425 AH / 2004AD. It is located in Jeddah, next to King Abdulaziz Hospital for Oncology, and it contains the following medical specialties: Human Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy with a Certificate - Nursing. Wikipedia.

favicon Al Ghad International Colleges

# Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences, the largest private educational edifice in the Kingdom | Riyadh | Jeddah | Madinah Al-Munawara | Dammam | Tabuk | Qassim | Najran | Abha, phone 920001544

favicon Batterjee Medical College

The first comprehensive private specialized college for medical sciences in the Kingdom

favicon Nahdi Medical Company

We always strive to serve our guests in the best way ... Just visit us on Al-Nahdi online or download the official Nahdi app ... Shop with multiple payment methods to get your products to your door!

favicon Ministry of National Guard

The National Guard Health Affairs Media Portal aims to provide digital information about its establishments and promote health care, research and community service.

favicon Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group is one of the largest providers of comprehensive healthcare services in the MENA; as it is currently operating 20 Medical Facilities across Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, including Hospitals and Medical Centers and developing one of the largest private medical cities in Saudi Arabia.

favicon Golden Time

Golden Time Men's Club Enjoy calm, rest and recharge 🔅

favicon Al-Noor Specialist Hospital

A governmental health institution in the Holy Capital, that provides high-quality specialized and reference services in line with international standards of management, and provides health care with the latest technology to patients, residents and Umrah pilgrims of both genders and of all age groups, using the optimal use of available resources and safely for service recipients and providers and hospital assets, in addition to educational programs And training for students of colleges of medicine and health sciences and nursing institutes and for health sector workers.

favicon 3M Saudi Arabia

#3M's innovative products have improved the lives of millions around the world. Every day an idea is created that guides us to another, which makes our progress in life always possible.

favicon Saudi Donors

Saudi Donors

favicon Bupa

Bupa Arabia is the community’s means to the best medical and healthcare services.

favicon Saudi German Hospitals

Middle East Healthcare Company Saudi German Hospital (SGH) is the largest healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, founded by Batterjee family, owns and operates network of state-of-the art hospitals under the brand name - Saudi German Hospitals. Currently Saudi German Hospital (SGH) operates 5 multi-specialty tertiary level hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh, Madinah, Aseer and Hail). The hospital in Dammam is in the stage of construction.

favicon Wasfaty

An additional access channel linking hospitals and health care centers with private pharmacies, so that the beneficiary can receive the drug from the pharmacy closest to him and at the convenient time for him for free.

favicon King Abdullah Medical City

King Abdullah Medical City in the Holy Capital - Participate with us in spreading a healthy culture in society

favicon Saudi Society of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Saudi Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences

favicon National Center for Mental Health Promotion

National Center for Mental Health Promotion

favicon Saudi Physical Therapy Association

Saudi Physical Therapy Association

favicon King Fahd Medical Research Center

King Fahd Medical Research Center at KAU

favicon Healthy Life

Healthy food alternatives Vegan Diet Protein Supplements ▪︎ Organic Animals Cold Delivery Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries 🌍 Storage quality - competitive price

favicon Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation

Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation

favicon Saudi Food And Drug Authority

Saudi Food & Drug Authority

favicon Saudi Veterinaray Medical Society

Saudi Veterinaray Medical Society

favicon The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance

Council of Cooperative Health Insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

favicon Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions

Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Facilities

favicon Saudi Health Council

Saudi Health Council

favicon Help and Communication National Health Information

Help and Communication National Health Information

favicon Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

favicon Saudi Airlines Medical Services Co.

Saudi Airlines Medical Services Co.

favicon King Abdullah Arabic Health Encyclopedia

The King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Arabic Encyclopedia of Health Content is a scientific institution that aims to provide the Arab reader with accurate and reliable health information.

favicon Dr. Tariq Al-Bahar

Obesity Surgery Center

favicon Dr. Marwan Alsafadi

Specialist in Family Medicine

favicon Dr. Bandar Al-Shehri

Endocrinology and diabetes consultant

favicon Children with Disabilities Association

A home for disabled children in Riyadh

favicon Saudi Dental Lab Technology

Dental laboratory and industrial fixtures

favicon SaudiDent

This leading source of online dental continuing education is a convenient, free registration way for Saudi dentists to learn at their own pace.

favicon Maleen Consultant Center

The center to provide the best treatment and health care using the latest technologies and devices while ensuring your comfort.

favicon Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

The hospital to provide high-level rehabilitative medical services

favicon Czech Rehabilitation Center

The Czech Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Center is always committed to providing the latest technology in the field of rehabilitative and physical therapy.

favicon United Doctors Hospital

United Doctors Hospital is characterized by providing the highest quality of health care provided

favicon Sesneber International

Medical company dedicated to infection control and antimicrobial solutions, medical education and simulation, and more


A large online pharmacy where you will find everything you need

favicon Saudi Ophthalmological Society

The Saudi Ophthalmological Society was established to provide optimal eye care to all Saudis and foreigners

favicon Al-Dawaa Pharmacies

Enjoy shopping online with Al-Dawaa pharmacies with a unique set of products that you need daily from the pharmacy, now at your fingertips with delivery service and order and receive service.

favicon Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is committed to fulfilling the mission it has been honored to carry since its inception, which is based on providing health care at all levels, promoting public health, and preventing disease

favicon Online Health

Sehha Online Medical website provides body mass calculation and information on dieting, gender, marriage, childbirth, diabetes, acne, pregnancy calculator, calories, and more.