favicon Monsha`at

The objective of Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority is to regulate, support and develop the SME sector in the KSA according to best international practices, with the view of increasing the productivity of these SMEs, increasing its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product and increasing the capacity of the Saudi economy, and reaching 2030 Vision, all of which will result in creating jobs, finding job opportunities for national labor and nationalizing technology.

favicon Saudi Investment Recycling Company

Saudi Investment Recycling Company

favicon Saudi Geological Survey

The SGS is a governmental entity focusing on Earth Sciences

favicon Unified National Platform

The national portal for e-government transactions - Saudi

favicon General Authority for Statistics

We are here to be the most distinguished and innovative statistical reference to support economic and social development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

favicon Riyadh Municipality

Riyadh Municipality

favicon Eastern Province Municipality

Directing urban development and providing high-end municipal services in a highly systematic and professional manner with the participation of community members and the private sector for a healthy, urban and modern environment that achieves the comfort and safety of citizens and residents and their well-being.

favicon Holy Makkah Municipality

The Holy Capital Secretariat The establishment of the Municipality of the Holy Capital dates back to the year 1345 AH during the reign of His Majesty King Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him, after issuing an order from him, may God have mercy on him, to include the municipal bodies in Makkah Al-Mukarramah into a single administration with specific powers and responsibilities under the name (Amanat Al-Asimah) and its head was named (the Secretary of the Capital) In the year 1397 AH, the word (holy) was added to the two names

favicon Jazan Municipality

Jazan Municipality

favicon Jouf Municipality

Jouf Municipality

favicon Najran Municipality

Najran Municipality

favicon Albaha Municipality

Albaha Municipality

favicon Qassim Municipality

Qassim Municipality

favicon Jeddah Municipality

Jeddah Municipality

favicon Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

favicon Ministry of National Guard

Ministry of National Guard

favicon Ministry of Economy and Planning

Ministry of Economy and Planning

favicon Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism Saudi Arabia

favicon Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Culture Saudi Arabia

favicon Ministry of Housing

Ministry of Housing Saudi Arabia

favicon Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for Saudi Arabia

favicon Ministry Of Media

Ministry of Information of Saudi Arabia

favicon Ministry of Energy

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Energy website

favicon Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs

The official account of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs - Riyadh

favicon Al-Ahsa Municipality

Planning and directing urban development for cities, villages, and desertions in the present and future

favicon Islamic Education Foundation - FIFA

A cooperative institution that calls to God Almighty with wisdom and insight through quality programs that achieve leadership.

favicon King Abdulaziz Circuit

King Abdulaziz Circuit is an institution specialized in serving the history, geography, literature and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Arab world. Founded in 1392 AH / 1972 CE

favicon Shura Council

The Shura Council is one of the state authorities defined by the Basic Law of Governance and is based on holding fast to the rope of God and abiding by the sources of Islamic legislation

favicon The Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The embassy is helping to strengthen, deepen and expand this historical and strategic relationship. If you need additional help or resources, please let us know and we will try to help.

favicon Royal Commission for Riyadh City

The authority implements many development programs and projects that are distinguished by their strategic nature, the multiplicity of their objectives and dimensions, and the different requirements for their implementation across its different time stages.

favicon Saline Water Conversion Corporation

Meet our customers' needs of desalinated sea water efficiently, reliably, with the lowest possible cost and the highest economic return

favicon Ministry of Education

Distinguished education to build a globally competitive knowledge society.

favicon Ministry of Finance

A pioneering ministry that enables Saudi Arabia to be among the 15 largest economies in the world by 2030 through a distinguished financial system.

favicon Yesser

A program for the Ministry of Finance to proceed with establishing an e-government program.

favicon Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is committed to fulfilling the mission it has been honored to carry since its inception, which is based on providing health care at all levels, promoting public health, and preventing disease

favicon Al Riyadh Municipality

The municipality performs the functions and tasks of municipalities and secretariats in the municipal system and secretariats in the municipal and village system

favicon Emirate of Makkah Region

The emirate provides and develops all services for citizens

favicon Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Formulating and implementing foreign policy in line with the principles of the Kingdom, in order to protect and promote national interests, care for citizens and contribute to maintaining security, stability and prosperity in the region and the world