FARM Superstores

Saudi Marketing Company is one of fast growing leading companies in the field of retail, trading, and importing business in Saudi Arabia. it was established in 1978 with its very first retail outlet, “Farm Superstores” Located in Dammam, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. SAMCO lead a chain of 85 branches concentrated in the Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern provinces of Saudi Arabia, in the addition to 17 mini markets serving prestigious and exclusive residential complexes. and at the end year of 2019 SAMCO target is a Opening more Branches .

Farm Superstores stand by (Ultimate Savings) Slogan which means offering highest quality and service in best prices.  Farm Superstore`s provide a variety wide range of products and items which will cover consumer needs (over 60,000 diversified item), fresh products, consumable products, House Hold, and imported products from around the world (Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South of United State of America).

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FARM Superstores

A Saudi National Company, which is formed in 1992 as a joint venture partnership and it’s one of the Economic Offset Companies. Also it’s the First MRO Specialized Company across the Middle East, which is representing a fast growth in MRO and overhaul development in the region.

An online store selling all retail men's supplies across many different categories, which makes it easy for its customers to quickly access their favorite products or international brands and Arab brands they prefer. Shipped to all regions of the Kingdom and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The man’s store is one of the projects of the Official Men’s Wear Est., Which is specialized in the field of e-commerce. It was established in 2014 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is located in Dammam.

The company was founded in 1386 AH by Omar Bin Sulaiman Al-Abd Al-Latif and is considered one of the first companies in the Kingdom in the field of furnishings. They have worked to diversify their services to include home furniture of all kinds, carpets, rugs, curtains, lighting, antiques, paintings and office furniture.