Al Riyadh Municipality

The functions and tasks of the secretariat are the following:

  1. Organize and coordinate the town according to an organizational chart approved by the competent authorities.
  2. Licensing and monitoring of constructions and buildings, and all public and private extensions.
  3. Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of the town, establishing parks, squares, parks and places of public tourism, organizing and managing them directly or indirectly, and monitoring them.
  4. Protecting the general environmental health inside the city, filling in ponds and swamps, warding off the danger of torrents and creating fences of trees around the town to protect it from sand.
  5. Monitor food and consumer products, supervise the supply of citizens with them, monitor their prices and the prices of public services, and monitor weights or weights and measures, in partnership with the competent authorities.
  6. Slaughterhouse construction and cleaning.
  7. Establishing markets and identifying selling positions.
  8. Licensing the practice of trades and professions, opening public shops, and monitoring them health and technically.
  9. Maintaining safety and comfort, in particular, taking the necessary measures to prevent and extinguish fires, demolish ramshackle buildings or crumbling parts of them, and establish public shelters.
  10. Determine the positions of hawkers, cars and wagons.
  11. Organizing internal transport and determining its fees in agreement with the competent authorities.
  12. Expropriation of real estate for the public benefit.
  13. Determining and collecting municipality fees and revenues, fines and penalties for violating its regulations.
  14. Supervising the elections and nominating heads of trades and professions, monitoring their work, and resolving disputes that may occur between them.
  15. Protecting the ancient buildings in cooperation with the competent authorities.
  16. Encouraging and contributing to cultural, sports and social activity.
  17. Cooperating with the competent authorities to prevent begging and homelessness and to establish shelters for the elderly, orphans, the insane, the handicapped, and the like.
  18. Establishing cemeteries and laundries, fencing and cleaning them and burying the dead.
  19. Avoiding the damages of loose and rugged animals and animal welfare.
  20. Preventing and removing encroachment on private or public property.
  21. Any other functions for which a decision is issued by the Council of Ministers.

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Al Riyadh Municipality

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Ministry of Energy

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