We are Al-Qusour Sweets for Chocolates and Eastern and Western sweets, one of the most luxurious sweets shops that are characterized by delicious taste and elegant shape, where the first branch was opened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (in the city of Mecca in 1992), where we use in our products the best types of international production inputs in terms of quality and taste.

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An online store specialized in selling and delivering the finest types of mango fruits from farms in the Jazan region in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, managed by an ambitious Saudi team that seeks to deliver this distinctive product to the world and encourage farmers to increase their production according to the level of quality and high standards by marketing their products through this unique initiative. In her specialty and style. Mango Jazan is the first Arab project to be made from an officially registered tweet.

From the heart of the Kingdom, it was launched in 1976 to form the cornerstone of the Arab sweets industry, based on its origins in the entire region. After that, the group of sweets expanded to include a large number of items and sweets from all over the world, the advantage of which is the quality and the title of the most wonderful taste.

Sanabel Al Salam,a place of sweet delight and craving bites take place in the sweet kingdom...Fresh wheat grains have created the best delights of desire bringing people together! Sanbel Hayatak!