Aljazira Takaful

A system based on cooperation between groups or individuals pledging to compensate for the damages caused to any of them when the risks are realized. The concept of symbiosis goes back to the year 3000 BC, when there were many families and tribes in the Arabian Peninsula who were contributing their financial resources to a common fund as a way to help the needy. The idea of ​​symbiosis continued until after the advent of Islam, as it was in several forms:
A – Makkah merchants have established funds to help victims of natural disasters and the risks of commercial trips.
B – They used to impose a guarantee on merchants called a roadside risk guarantee against trip losses resulting from trade routes.
T – They used to provide aid to the prisoners and the families of the murder victims, through the so-called Aqla.
W – There were contracts called loyalty contracts to strengthen mutual understanding and put an end to mutual enmity and revenge.
A – There has been a union through what is called an alliance, which is an agreement on mutual aid between people

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Aljazira Takaful

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