Al Mutlaq Furniture

ALMUTLAQ FURNITURE, founded in 1954, was the first furniture company in Saudi Arabia and since then has, over the years, become a trusted and widely respected leader in the furniture retail market. Over the years the company has entered into long-term agreements with many world-class premium brands and has become synonymous with providing quality furniture and customer service throughout Saudi Arabia.

AlMutlaq Furniture is a part of AlMutlaq Group and for more information about them please visit the following link.

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Al Mutlaq Furniture

Arabian Oud was established in 1982, and the company operates a chain of 900 stores around the world selling more than 400 unique and luxurious perfumes. Arabian Oud has more than 3,700 customer service employees across more than 35 countries around the world, from London to Paris and throughout the Middle East.

The company was founded in 1386 AH by Omar Bin Sulaiman Al-Abd Al-Latif and is considered one of the first companies in the Kingdom in the field of furnishings. They have worked to diversify their services to include home furniture of all kinds, carpets, rugs, curtains, lighting, antiques, paintings and office furniture.

A pioneering company in the tourism and leisure industry that recognizes the important value of amusement and recreation for society.