Al-Hilal Saudi Club

Al-Hilal is The Asian’s Century Club. It is the best club in Saudi Arabia and the leader of six Asian championships. Al-Hilal has been founded in 1957 in the name of ‘El-Olympy’ and continued under that name for almost two months, until it has been changed to Al-Hilal club

The name of Al-Hilal was given after the match attended by the late king Saud between ‘El-Olympy’ and Al-Kokab. The late king asked, “who gave this name?” They replied “Bin Said”. Then he ordered to replace the name of El-Olympy with arabic name and Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Saeed presenting
to His Majesty three names (Al-Yamama- Al-Wehda- Al-Helal) And then Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Saeed received royal decree from King Saud to choose the name of alhilal and was adopted in 1378

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Al-Hilal Saudi Club

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